A Long Time Ago...

Actually, it was spring of 2011 when they met. Sarah doesn't remember it and Austin barely does, but apparently it happened because Facebook says so.


Fast foward to 2012 and you've got Sarah returning home from a two month stint in California to work at Cedar Run Community Church and their paths cross once again. After looking for love in Alderaan places, Austin boldly went there and asked Sarah out on a date (even though she barely knew him). She was so taken aback, she said "yes". The force must've been strong with that one. So ensued one fabulous date full of mirth and comfortable conversation that ended with Austin feeling the Lord telling him he'd finally found his wife and Sarah just not that into it. It was a chemistry thing, she'd later claim. Highly illogical.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Austin's love Endor(ed) and he pursued Sarah for the greater part of two years. Although romance didn't bud at first, a strong and lasting friendship did. Bonding over nerdtastic things like Star Wars, Star Trek, favorite books & comics, those two kids set their phasers to fun and spent way too much time together.


Austin eventually became Fett up with getting no where and decided to pursue his future wife in prayer. Sarah soon found out that resistance was fultile because in the beginning of 2014 she realized her feelings were quite different. Not only had she found her nerdmate, she also found a mon who loved the Word as much as she did and sought to serve the Lord with all his heart. On April 3rd, 2014 they went on their second "first date" and on June 3rd, Austin proposed.



Austin & Sarah